OK, here is an example of what happens when older folks (ok, middle aged folks like me) work with technology for too long.
   First, we all have to use voice mail these days, right? Well, my son doesn’t…he just lets his mailbox fill up so no one can get hold of him. But other than that, the rest of us have gotten used to a pretty consistent set of commands. 3 to fast forward, 9 to save, 7 to delete, etc., right? So, what happens when your phone system was designed in the early 80s?
   This morning I came in early to do a radio interview (that is one of the problems in being in the Pacific time zone due to daylight savings time—three hours to the East coast). I decided to clear the messages from my voice mail in my office. Now, please learn a lesson: calling A&O is NOT the best way to get hold of me. I am a “written word” type of guy. E-mail is the way. I even try to avoid doing conversations when making plans for upcoming events because I so often go back to e-mails to confirm details. So that little red light can flash on my phone for days before I will get tired of seeing it and clear messages. But I did that this morning. However, this is an old phone system. We saved it from the back room of an old Yellow Front store long, long ago. So the first message I hear is from Darrin, the atheist I addressed in a video on YouTube and on the DL. He wants to talk to me about a book he is doing. That’s great, I’d be happy to talk to him. So, I want to fast forward the message and then save it. So, I hit “3.” The voice says, “Message deleted.” Oh great. It’s gone, it’s history, and I have no way of getting hold of Darrin. That’s what you get for having conflicting technologies!
   So Darrin—I got your message, but, alas, I deleted your message. Please contact me through the website contact page. Rich will forward the e-mail. Thanks!

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