Can an atheist speak truth? If he says “2+2=4” is the statement less true than if a Christian said the same thing? Many Christians have been saying a Muslim could not possibly be saying something that is factually, really true. But this kind of epistemological bigotry is neither biblical nor rational. Christians should be people of truth in all spheres of life. In the following video I discuss the prejudice that has been expressed by every person who has refused to consider the facts and instead has defaulted to the “A Muslim said it, therefore, it must not be true” defense. I provide two further examples of errors on the part of Ergun Caner, both of which were pointed out by…GASP!…a Muslim! I should have caught them myself, they are pretty basic, but I missed them. If they had been pointed out by a Christian, would they be more, or less, mistakes on Caner’s part? Think about it.

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