I know lots of folks would like to make the debate in Florida but just can’t get away.


There is one young man who has been a great asset to me in preparation for this debate. He knows the textual critical field very well, and is one of my Team Apologian bloggers. But being your standard seminary student, he is having a hard time making it to the debate. I would love to have him there, not just so he could observe, but I sure wouldn’t mind having someone who has studied under Epp to chat with during the break. He could be checking references for me as well. So if you’d like to help Alan Kirschner make it to the debate in less than two weeks, you can do so here. He’d sure appreciate it, and so would I!

Update: Thank you! Alan will be able to go! Thanks to all who helped! Alan wrote:
“Thank you for all those who donated with your gracious provision. The amount that is required for me to make it was reached. I am humbled at the response!”

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