Rich told me he received a phone call yesterday asking about how to ship items that would be purchased on the Ministry Resource List. First, once again, many thanks to those who help me in my studies in this way. It is tremendously encouraging. Secondly, ironically, I have messed up buying things for folks on their gift lists in the recent past. I learned just last week that you can’t use the “One Click” button to purchase things from gift lists: that will make sure the item is sent to you (rather than me!). Instead, you click the item, place it in your cart, and then you will be given the option to ship to the address I have provided for the Ministry Resource List. It’s as easy as that!

Now, I put that extended life external battery I found for the live streaming computer (i.e., the one I will use to live stream my debates in the future) on the list via the “Universal” button Amazon offers. It is actually an E-bay item (which is why it costs less than half of the other I had located). I confess I’m not sure how that works, but, here’s hoping someone will find out! 🙂

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