Two weeks ago I began teaching on the topic “A Biblical Approach to Christian Counterfeits.” This is an introductory course that will end up being 12 weeks total. Since the issue of methodology is currently a hot topic, this week and the following two weeks is devoted to this issue. I am presuppositional in my apologetic methodology and therefore trying to apply this to Christian counterfeits. Frankly, there isn’t much theoretical material from our camp dealing with cults and world religions.
   Here are Word docs for the first and second weeks, which include an outline and a bibliography. If you’d like to offer some feedback go here.
   While most of you who read this blog probably will not get much out of what I’m doing (i.e. you been there, done that), I still hope it is beneficial to the body of Christ.
   BTW: I am putting together another edition of the Countercult Apologetics Journal which I hope to go live with by July (if not earlier). I already have some great articles either in hand or lined up on Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, the Trinity, Islam, and more.
   I am looking for additional articles and book reviews, so if you are interested contact me.

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