Hey, here’s a pic of the Pyromaniac and yours truly after I spoke for a couple of hours on Islam. And I wanted to mention a really interesting conversation I had during the break.
   During the first half of my presentation I presented what the Qur’an says about Christ and Christian belief. I got to use my new wireless video import device which allows me to project whatever is on my tablet’s screen, wirelessly. I was able to walk freely and still project the presentation. It was great.
   Then, during the break, a young man, born in Iran, a former Shiite Muslim, approached me. I asked him, “What did you know of Jesus as a Muslim?” He said, “I did not even know the Qur’an said what you just went over.” See, many in those lands only hear the Qur’an in Arabic, even if that is not their language. So when you hear the Bible being preached in your language, thank the Lord for the privilege! Anyway, a little later he became very serious and said, “Dr. White, you really should have a security guard with you at all times when speaking on a subject like this.” Believe me, I understand how some would react to even a fair, honest, accurate discussion of the text of the Qur’an. I simply have to trust the Lord for protection.
   Oh, and I’m sure someone will point it out, but I forgot to insert a link to the article over on Akin’s blog. Here it is. I just scanned the comments and was simply amazed at the childishness prevailing there. The last time I saw this kind of behavior was on the playground in sixth grade. If I am so dull and such a fake, why don’t you folks back up your brave brilliance by actually engaging my work? Just unreal. See, for these folks, it doesn’t matter how long you have taught, how many books you have written, how wide your scholarship has been proven in books, published articles, or in the breadth of your debating experience. Those things are irrelevant for the prejudiced. Convenient excuse for ignoring the facts of the argument, too.

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