I used to get all of my books done early. That was a decade or more ago. Doesn’t work that way anymore. Bethany House is expecting a book very soon, and I have a tremendous amount of work to do. So, instead of even wandering off into the web so as to experience the temptation of investing time in replying to folks, I’m going to just post little snippets of the work as I go along as a teaser….and as a means of keeping myself on track. One of the chapters deals with the “gnostic gospels.” It begins:

You have seen it as you stand in line at the grocery store. One of those scholarly journals with the picture of a space alien dressed as Elvis also has a big, bright headline that screams out, “Bible Scholars Discover Jesus Lived in India” or some other such wildly strange claim. If you are brave enough to actually pick it up, or if the line is moving very slowly anyway, you discover that these “Bible scholars” are basing their conclusions on all sorts of books you have never heard of before. You’ve never seen “The Gospel of Thomas” or “The Ascension of Isaiah” in your Bible! And when did the “Gospel of Mary” make it into the Bible?


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