“Jesus in the Qur’an & the Bible”:

A Live Muslim-Christian Dialogue

Saturday, November 7th, 7pm

United Presbyterian Church

62-54 60th Place

Ridgewood, Queens, NY

Dr. James R. White is Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries, a Christian Apologetics organization based in Phoenix, AZ. He is the author of numerous books, a professor and an accomplished debater, having engaged in more than seventy-five moderated, public debates and dialogues with leading proponents of Islam, Roman Catholicism, Liberal Protestantism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormonism.

Imam Syed Z. Sayeed is Religious Life Advisor

for the Muslim Campus Ministry and Office of the University Chaplain at Columbia University in New York City. Has been affiliated with Columbia for more than ten years and is an alumnus of Teachers College. He has also taught Psychology and Education at the college level both in India and the United States. He retired as an educational administrator in 1996.

Admission is FREE!!

(718)417-9562 (Directions Only)

(631)991-1226 (All Other Details)

An Event of “Iron Sharpens Iron Radio”: www.sharpens.org

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