Heading home late tonight (actually, early in the morning, at least AZ time, on the ol’ red-eye flight) from here in Honolulu after a most enjoyable time with Shane Sowers and the folks at Central Baptist Church. Did a Q&A session last evening on a wildly wide variety of topics after having spoken on Islam, the Challenge of Homosexuality, Galatians 1 and the Gospel, and the reliability of the New Testament scriptures. Pastor Sowers has discussed some exciting possibilities for the future, and I hope the Lord opens those doors.

As a result I will be getting into Phoenix around 8am Tuesday, so doing a DL straight from the airport would probably not be overly beneficial for anyone, including myself. So we will try to shift the schedule by a day, doing Wednesday and Friday, probably doing Wednesday at the afternoon time, and Friday at the morning time. Will confirm on Twitter and Facebook.

I have also added a few items to the Ministry Resource List, which has been empty for a few days (many thanks again to those who keep an eye on that list) that would be of great benefit especially with the intense travel season I have ahead.

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