Let me warn you ahead of time: Profane people use profanity. They sort of go together, and I am not talking about Doug Wilson, either.

I listened to these videos today on my ride. Despite the profanity, I would recommend them to the person serious about monitoring the spiraling collapse of Western culture’s morality and ethics. I will be discussing them on the DL today as well. But let me be right up front here: I know every generation has its troublemakers. I know there are bright, intelligent, deeply thinking young folks today. I know this. But when I observe the infantile behavior of these people, and hear their facile irrationality, and recognize that the most simple forms of argumentation, logic, and thought, escape them, I am truly left wondering about the very, very near future, since these folks seem to have a lot more “pull” than the serious, thoughtful, rational, mature young people I know are out there. Oh, and note especially the liberal “Christian” from a “gay affirming” “church” that brings his daughter (she looks about 13-14 or so) and allows her to voice her utter ignorance of truth to the great delight of the rabble in the crowd. One can only pray for God to have mercy on such a man, for to stand before the thrice holy God to answer for such things…hard to conceive.

I will also be briefly considering this article as well on the DL today.

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