Dr. James White will be in London for the next several days. Lord willing, Trinity Road Chapel will be hosting him for free talks on the reliability of the New Testament:

  • Friday 19th February at 8pm
  • Saturday 20th February, 3pm

Additionally, Dr. White will be preaching at Trinity Road Chapel:

  • Sunday, 21st February at 11am and 6:30 pm

Finally, the Big Trinity Debate will take place at Trinity Road Chapel:

  • Monday, 22 February at 7:30pm

More details at the following link (link).

It is also my understanding that Dr. White will either be appearing on live TV (Revelation TV) or on the Unbelievable radio program (which airs later).

Also, please note: the Dividing Line program for Thursday is planned to air at the usual Tuesday time (11:00am MST – 1:00pm EST – 10:00am PST).


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