I got a wonderful mp3 player recently. Small, compact, 1 gig in space, it has an FM radio and doubles as a jump drive. I’m very pleased with it, but its instruction manual was a source of enjoyment as well. Online translators are great, aren’t they? Here are some examples:

Devoutly hope to bring you great enjoyment in this digital age. [Devout and digital in the same sentence is probably a first]
Unique appearance designed as a gold brick and comfortable for handling. [I’d prefer the gold brick, thank you]
This machine packs into the battery the each openning the confidential waiting for for the first time 10 second, need the machine from measure to complete to grow to press to open the machine key the square can show, the inconvenient place begs your pardon. [Uh….]
Indicates that the battery is 1.5V and the power in battery will become less when using. [Yes, such is the life of the battery]
There has eight grade, Auto search starch station demand to signal intensity more high when the grade more high [Starch…station…eh?]

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