My sincere apologies! I talked about blogging this on Thursday on the DL, fully intending to do so that evening, and here it is Saturday evening before I get it done! Ah, well, at least I’m not bored! Having way too good a time studying for preaching tomorrow from Hebrews 1. Oh the Word of God is so rich! I love it.
Anyway, first, we need to move our current stock of 20 or 30 copies of The King James Only Controversy out before the new edition arrives in a few weeks. So, why buy an edition that is about to be “old”? Well, I signed it, does that help? And what is more, if you want to have some to “give away,” this would be the time to sort of stock up.
Second, as I announced on the DL Thursday, we have added another debate to the trip to Milwaukee, that being at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana on Thursday, April 30th. I will be debating Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. As this is short notice, we don’t have a second “sponsor” from the Christian side for the debate, which is fine. We just need to raise the funds to fly there, a couple nights hotel room, and a rental car to drive to Milwaukee from there. We haven’t priced stuff yet, but it can’t be too bad. You can help out here. Thank you!

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