Waiting for my flight home here at the airport in Detroit. I was referred to this blog article by a student at Liberty. I noted the following:

Within the first 20 minutes of class Ergun is chatting about the accusations against him, but made it clear that he isn’t worrying about the issue or looking in to it…yet…well never mind. If you’re interested I have 7 minutes of his innocence recorded on my cell.

Now those are seven minutes of audio I’d like to hear, personally. Is it not strange that Caner will chat about these issues at the start of a class, but he has purposefully, knowingly prolonged this situation by his refusal to respond to all the documentation that has been provided publicly? He won’t talk to CT or the other media outlets, but he will proclaim his “innocence” to his students. Innocence regarding what? What allegations is he responding to? We don’t know since, for some reason, he won’t openly and honestly respond to the questions that have been asked of him.

I’m sorry, but on the one hand we have men in the SBC saying Ergun Caner has “repented,” but on the other we have things like this which hardly indicate a serious, let alone repentant, attitude on Caner’s part.

So we are eight days out from the June 30th date set by Liberty for its “report.” What will happen then? I have no idea. All I know is this: if the questions we have asked are not answered openly, fully, and without spin, this situation will only grow, it will not diminish.

On another note from that Liberty student’s entry, we have another example of just how poor Caner’s knowledge of apologetics is, at least as it is reflected by this student (if we had not heard the embarrassing face-plant he offered to the Oneness Pentecostal pastor, we might pass over this in silence). But note this paragraph:

We also discussed the various approaches to apologetics. I do not agree with the presuppositional view. This approach is often known as the Limited Atonement approach. Believes that Christ only died for the elect, and that only the elect can understand the evidence. They must first agree on certain presuppositions before the Gospel can be effectively presented.

I sure would love an opportunity to help this student learn what presuppositionalism really is, but given Caner’s history of gross misrepresentation of anything even remotely related to Reformed theology, we are hardly surprised to read such a false caricature in the mind of this student. What a real shame. I would invite this student to call the DL. I’d love to provide a meaningful explanation from a Reformed and presuppositional viewpoint.

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