The preceding post was a montage of video and audio clips of Ergun Caner bragging about his debating experience and his willingness to debate his critics. His bravado would be amusing if it was not such a serious issue.

What makes it worse is Geisler’s attempted defense of Caner on this point:

The Charge that Caner Falsely Claims that he has had more than Sixty Debates with Muslims. – Critics challenge this statement and claim it is an intentional embellishment. But they mistakenly assume that all debates are formal. Caner lists many formal debates in the last ten years or so. But he has also engaged in multiple informal debates as well. There is no evidence to deny his claim. Indeed, given his numerous encounters with Muslims, it is reasonable to assume there were at least sixty.

That was posted on Norman Geisler’s website (at this address: ). After my rebuttal of Geisler’s points, the page disappeared from Geisler’s site (at least, it is gone from the address above and is not included in the page about Caner on Geisler’s website today), though you can still (for the moment) find it on (here). As I pointed out:

Caner lists many formal debates in the last ten years or so? Where? We’ve reviewed Dr. Caner’s debating claims before (see the discussion here – we cannot seem to find these formal debates, or even any informal debates).

See my previous full responses to Geisler, at this index (link).


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