Ironically, while Norman Geisler includes an attack upon all of us who have sought to bring out the problems in Ergun Caner’s claims upon a misapplication of Matthew 18 (as we will note again later), I know I have not heard privately from Norman Geisler about this issue at all. Evidently, a double standard is being employed.

For the sake of accuracy and completeness I will, once I am ready for tomorrow evening’s study at PRBC, and well into my preparations for Sunday’s Hebrews sermons, go through each and every statement in Geisler’s additional statement (found here). But for the moment, I note that this further posting is a direct response to TurretinFan’s article, posted here.

1) Geisler repeatedly makes reference to the deleted “apology” of 2/25/2010. How ironic that Geisler depends upon an apology that Caner himself has pulled! It was a bland apology for “misstatements,” not a confession and repentance for lying. Everyone knows this.

2) Language no longer has meaning. “I lived” in such and such a place now becomes “I visited such and such a place when I was two.” Geisler continues to completely ignore the reality that Caner moved here when he was but a little child. He wants to assert visits to Turkey, but, he refuses to provide any substantiation, dates, etc., which he must do, in light of legal documentation that the Caner brothers were not to leave the United States due to the divorce proceedings. When did these visits take place? Facts, Dr. Geisler, facts. You are an evidentialist. How about some evidence?

3) Geisler continues the “divorce statements from their original context” procedure, continuing his parallels with the defenders of Joseph Smith. This is how he can now excuse the Dukes of Hazzard error, by insisting this was only a joke! Listen to Caner’s actual presentations—any indication he meant this as a joke? Of course not. It was part of his entire “came here from Turkey in 1979” persona.

4) Geisler posts a picture of Ergun in a kufi (Geisler identifies it as a keffiyeh). More ignoring of original context. First, will Dr. Emir Caner tell us where this picture he seemingly has provided was taken? What year? In Turkey, as Caner has claimed about his birthday picture? Or in Ohio, as the documents suggest? Given that Caner made these comments not about him as a child, but in high school, how about some interaction with the high school photos that have been provided?

5) Geisler actually buys into the excuse Caner offers of his claim that his father had “many wives.” It is hard to believe anyone could possibly be so gullible.

6) Geisler actually invokes American law about “innocent until proven guilty” while ignoring biblical parameters of integrity in the pulpit. This while he continues to remove “lying” from a sin that would be a serious breach of morality for a Christian. One is left speechless at Geisler’s words.

Finally, Geisler takes specific aim at TurretinFan for being anonymous in his blogging and writing. Yes, I know why this is, and I affirm that he has perfectly moral and proper reasons for remaining anonymous. Of course, Norman Geisler co-authored a book with Abdul Saleeb, a Christian using a pseudonym. Evidently that was OK for Geisler? I point the reader to the care with which TurretinFan has documented his posts, and compare this with the simply ridiculous credulity exemplified by Geisler in just repeating, without even bothering to provide meaningful documentation, the excuses offered to him by Caner. Who has reason to be embarrassed, I wonder?

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