We received this e-mail this morning:

Quit talking about the manhatten declaration. who cared…revelation says the millenium is 1000 years. amillenialism is false.

Well there you go, folks! Bret Zagar has his priorities straight! Let’s not worry about that gospel stuff, let’s get that eschatology stuff right! I confess, I am thankful Bret noted that it is “Revelation” not “Revelations.” That’s a major plus. And yes, it specifically says a thousand years. What that means is, of course, the issue of debate, but something tells me Bret has already decided that controversy. So my apologies for wasting your time with discussions of the gospel and life and marriage and freedom and all that irrelevant side stuff. Let me drop this textual study I’m doing, forget about Beckwith and justification, and see if I can’t find a copy of Left Behind somewhere around here…wait, didn’t I leave my copy right next to The Prayer of Jabez?

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