It is always neat to see one of your professors from Bible College “making it big.” 🙂 In this case, Stephen Nichols, professor at Lancaster Bible College spoke at this years Gheens Lectures (Nov. 3). Speaking of Al Mohler, Jr., the Gheens Lectures are held on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Here are topics Nichols addressed (click here to listen or watch):

“Bearing the Image of the Creator: Theology and Beauty”
“Bearing the Image of the Redeemer: Theology and Incarnation”
“Proclaiming the Image: Theology and Preaching”

In the third lecture, Nichols mentions what would be a good bumper sticker. He almost has it right, when he says “Theology Happens (see here).

Stephen J. Nichols is the author of many good books included The Reformation: How a Monk and a Mallet Changed the World.

I mentioned this before, but James White and Stephen Nichols spoke together back in 1994. Here are the two lectures from Dr. Nichols. One of these days, I’ll post five the lectures from Dr. White.

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