I spoke on the topic of the Resurrection of Christ this afternoon to a group at Auburn University. I played a clip from The God Who Wasn’t There where Jesus Seminar fellow Dr. Price throws out this wild, grossly inaccurate list of “savior gods” that Jesus is allegedly “like” (Osiris, Dionysius, etc.) and then demonstrated how completely false such comparisons are. After the presentation I spoke to a wonderful young man who had run into a professor at a community college–one of those Jesus Seminar/John Shelby Spong fans who really enjoys destroying the faith of young Christians. He was so thankful I had spoken on this topic, and when I informed him of the upcoming conference in Orlando he showed great interest in coming. It is a tremendous encouragement to know you have helped establish and confirm someone like that young man. I hope to see him in Orlando in November.
Tomorrow I speak on The Da Vinci Code. Lots of folks jumping on the band-wagon on that topic these days, and it’s about time! Let’s take this opportunity to speak the truth!
This Lord’s Day I speak at Grace Heritage Church here in Auburn.
Oh, I saw that Charles the Brave continues to parrot Bob Ross (no, not the guy who paints happy trees, the much less happy older fellow) who dug through my blog and found out that last year I spoke at a Progressive Primitive Baptist Church. Hey Bob, keep digging: I’ve spoken at OPC’s, PCA’s, SBCs, CC’s, IFBs, even AoG’s and CoG’s! Let’s see you come up with what all that means!

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