Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland! Pastor Roger Brazier and I flew in yesterday, and we immediately got to work with a meeting last evening at the Reformed Baptist Church here on the subject of New Perspectivism. The meeting was very well attended, and the folks were most attentive and appreciative for the ministry of the Word. Tonight the series of meetings will continue with a study of sola scriptura and on Thursday evening I will speak on “Reaching Muslims.” Then we head west and north with a stop for a minister’s fraternal and then on to Inverness and further ministry there before returning to London (the schedule is on the calendar page).
Took a quick trip, dodging rainshowers, to Stirling this morning and early afternoon, to visit the Wallace Monument. I wanted to see the Wallace Sword and see the location of the battle of Stirling where William Wallace defeated the English. Here are a few shots I took there. The first is the monument itself, which is quite striking from a distance. Next is a statue of Wallace that is on the monument right over the entrance. They also put up a statue down at the visitors’ center at the bottom of the hill in 1997 or so…but that is a statue of…Mel Gibson as Wallace! Not a few Scots were a bit put off by that move, of course.
   Finally, we have the Wallace Sword itself. The thing is huge, indicating that Wallace was at least 6′ 3″ or more to be able to wield it. It’s pretty impressive to see, as was the entire monument.

We have not been able to work out a time to do the Dividing Line that works on both sides of the Atlantic. Rich has been very busy with construction work on the offices (great progress has been reported to me) and when you are traveling and speaking 16 times in twelve days (not including travel days) it isn’t easy to mesh schedules, to be sure. Something might still work out for Thursday, but I can’t make any promises.

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