I am once again back in “the land of my forefathers,” as I like to point out, staying with Pastor Jim Handyside and ministering at the Reformed Baptist Church in Anniesland. This morning I had the opportunity to join in with their Tuesday morning coffee and tea outreach at the church, where passersby are invited in for free coffee, tea, and refreshments, and, of course, gospel conversation. I spoke with two men, one raised as a child as a Presbyterian but today an unbeliever, and another an inactive Muslim (as I found out only after we had spoken, actually). Tonight I will speak at the church, as well as tomorrow evening, before flying to London on Thursday.

Speaking of Pastor Handyside, he will be continuing his yearly trips to the United States beginning later in this month. You should plan to avail yourself of the opportunity to hear this precious brother in the Lord! Here is his schedule for 2011:

February 23- Highlands Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Sebring, FL 863-385-3787
March 5-6 First Baptist Church Markham Woods Lake Mary, FL 407-333-2085
March 8th Grace Chapel 352-476-8078 Sanford
March 11-17 Faith Baptist Tabernacle: Williston, FL 352-528-2216 Contact: 352-208-1007
March 17-22 St. Mary, GA 912-882-5704
March 22-28 Griffen, GA 770-631-3660
March 28-April 5 Bethel Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA 678-880-1123

If you are anywhere near these locations and want to hear soul-stirring gospel preaching, plan to attend! I recommend Jim Handyside’s ministry to you strongly.

I have place an item by Emmanuel Tov on the Ministry Resource List that I note mainly for its value (Septuagint studies are very important) and for the fact that it is on sale for the next week or so. I think the area of the Septuagint is one of the most neglected areas of apologetics study, and it is an area I wish to delve much more into in the future.

Please pray for the debate on Saturday the 12th as well. Pray the Lord will bless and will bring many out to hear the exchange.

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