Greetings from somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. Though our first night was pretty rough (high seas due to high winds) we are all doing well here on the Veedam. I have already spoken three times, Steve Camp has spoken as well. Tonight there is a panel discussion. We have 149 folks in our group, meaning more than 1 out of 10 of the guests on the ship are with our group! We have had sweet fellowship already, and I have truly enjoyed getting to know new brothers and sisters in the Lord
   Since we will be in port tomorrow I hope to find time to write up a few thoughts on the Spong debate and get them posted. I am sure Rich will be focused on getting that prepared as quickly as possible. A number of folks in the group have commented on how clear the contrast of world-views was, and how only one side cares to interact with the other. Such is surely true. Who knows? Maybe I'll get to put up a picture or two as well. I also want to find someone to play some chess this time around! I brought my USCF sanctioned board, my timer, and I hope to get a few games of 5-minute chess in before this short week is over.
   So till my next report…

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