I apologize for not getting to the textual variation discussion as I had planned, but the best laid plans of mice and men and all (and I would rarely call what I do these days “best laid plans”). I am traveling to LA today, and will try, as best I can, to get something blogged before the debate, and, if possible, a quick report on it once it is completed. But then it will become rather quiet around here, for if you have ever purchased Internet time while at sea, well, you know why I will be real scarce. I may try to get a brief note to the office here to see if it can be posted just to let you all know how things are going at sea. Otherwise, I hope to be back into the blogosphere on the 15th of November.

I am very thankful that the conference this weekend will not be distracted by national events. I could not help but think this afternoon as I watched President Bush greeting his supporters that as they were applauding and waving flags and the like he was thinking, “This is what I missed four years ago.” He sort of had that look in his eyes. Of course, if I had been keeping the schedule he had been keeping for a few months, the look in my eyes would mean absolutely nothing, as there would be no brain activity going on behind them. 🙂

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