So the new year is right around the corner. With the apologetics cruise taking up the 1st week of January, and then the apologetics class for Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary running for 5 hours each night the week after, I will hardly have time to reflect upon the arrival of 2012. I am already a little bit nervous, and yet quite excited, about the many opportunities of ministry in defense of the faith that are already scheduled for the next year. As long as the Lord continues to give us health, and strength, and enough fellow believers to stand with us, we will press forward in proclaiming the Lordship of Christ and giving a reasoned defense of the hope that is within us.

You have probably been overwhelmed with the number of requests being made by ministries for end-of-the-year giving. We do not maintain a mailing list, and no one has ever gotten a cold call during the dinner hour from someone raising funds for Alpha and Omega Ministries. We very rarely make any reference to the fact that we are a small ministry fully dependent upon God’s people for the continuation of what we do. But that is the reality of the situation, and I can tell you that Rich and I would surely find it to be greatly encouraging to enter into 2012 with a strong show of support right at the end of the year.

I would also like to let everyone know that we have added some very important resources to our online store. The first is a book that I will be using as a textbook for my GGBTS class that is coming up. It is an excellent work providing important response to the claims of Bart Ehrman titled, The Heresy of Orthodoxy. If you have been following this series I have been doing on the Dividing Line regarding Ehrman’s position on textual critical issues you will find this work to substantiate what I have been saying. But it goes beyond that to also deal with the wider ramifications of his hyper skepticism, especially his promotion of the Bauer hypothesis, a viewpoint that is nigh unto universal in modern seminaries despite having been thoroughly examined and refuted for decades! This really is a must read for those who wish to be ready to give a reason in our postmodern, anti-Christian society.

The next resource is an excellent work by Dr. James Price on King James Onlyism. It has not been widely published, but if you wish to have another very deep resource on this important subject in your library this is the book for you.

Don’t forget that when you purchase resources through our ministry you are aiding us in continuing our work. And don’t forget our Amazon storefront as well: Our sincerest thanks to all who have stood with us over this past year!

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