I feel like a balding psychologist! But I can’t erally say that, since that would make Rich the equivalent of Roz…well, they do both start with an “R.”

Anyway, things are moving fast here in Seattle. Lots of folks arriving, and that’s always exciting, seeing familiar faces, as well as new ones. Always encouraging as well. Preparations are on-going at the church for the beginning of the conference this evening, and, of course, I’m focused upon tomorrow evening’s debate with John Dominic Crossan. Travel issues have arisen, as they always do; Steve Camp’s plane had a mechanical issue and the flight was canceled; not sure when he will get in today, Lord willing. Tom Ascol is in Florida, and we all know what THAT means. Hope he is able to make it in as well.

Rich and Mike and Larry are already hard at work getting things set up, and I am busy in my room working on my notes, presentation, questions, etc. Please keep us in your prayers, and may God be glorified!

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