This will probably be the last blog entry I make for a few weeks. [Actually, I had to sneak something else in…see right after this]. I suppose I could install a program on my laptop, but believe me, satellite costs at sea are prohibitive! 🙂 For those who join with us here at A&O in loving, passionately, the truth of Christ’s full and undiminished deity, the debate on Friday, December 5th in Tampa will be tremendously important. Please pray for me as I seek to establish the truth and refute error. In fact, if you will covenant to be praying in the days before, and on that evening, please drop us a line letting us know. It would be very encouraging.

The next day what is left of me, and about 170 other folks, will be heading out on the MS Zaandam for a week of apologetic study and Christian fellowship. The amount of work that goes into putting on such a cruise is simply beyond measure, it truly is. The number of details, and problems, are legion. Mike and Sau O’Fallon have poured themselves into this trip yet once again, so not only should we thank them profusely for all their effort, but please pray for them during the cruise as well. “Issues” always arise even when on the boat.

But I do not come home right after the cruise. Instead, I fly to California for the “Calvinism Debate” on The Bible Answer Man broadcast, 12/16-17. I will be “debating” George Bryson in studio, taking calls and hopefully getting the message across that Arminianism is sub-biblical, John 6 cannot be consistently interpreted by synergists, Chatty Cathy dolls get crushed by Genesis 50:20, Isaiah 10, and Acts 4:27-28, and resurrection power is not divine rape.

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