I just saw the most absurd (not offensive, just absurd) argument in the Caner situation I’ve ever seen. Someone (I haven’t even bothered keeping up with this guy) was arguing that my Arabic tutor, Issam, missed a portion of Surah Al Fatiha in our video, and hence we should be exposed! He begins with the absurd accusation that he’s downloaded the video in case we pull it because of this brilliant observation! Then he writes,

Apparently James White Arabic teacher (whom we do not know the name of or qualifications of) was teaching us Surah Al Fatiha.

The man made a huge blunder on this surah. He says bismillah ir rahman ir raheem, ar rahman ar raheem, ….

ummm where is the Al hamdulillahi rabil ‘alameen?

Please see here: http://transliteration.org/quran/WebSite_CD/MixYuwsuf/Fram2E.htm

If a teacher of Arabic can make such mistakes this is all the amunition that Caner and his supporters need.

Now I know you may not care for me or my theology as a Muslim, but I do believe that you are stand up man.

I don’t really care for White but I believe I can count on you since you have taken White to task for his inconsistent views on baby baptism. Good on you!

I’m sending the same information to Debbie Kaufman, Peter Lumpkins, Tim Guthrie, Hussein Wario etc.

I hope that when we do whistle blowing that it whistle works just as well on Calvinist as it does on Arminians.

Well! Talk about making mountains out of mole hills! Let’s see. We have a Christian (not a former Muslim) quoting the text BY MEMORY, not having ever been taught it, but only having heard it in Syrian culture so often that it “stuck,” and he misses a single phrase, and this is somehow relevant? Something to be “exposed”? How is it relevant that a Christian who learned the text not by studying it or memorizing it but simply hearing it repeated so often in Syria relevant to the actual argumentation relating to Caner’s statements? What about all the other Arabic that was spoken? What about the rest of the information given? This is supposed to be argumentation? The level of abject incoherence in the thinking of such people is shocking. I am not at all surprised this man does not “really care” for me, as I only appeal to people who are consistent in their thinking, and one thing is for sure, this man and consistent thinking are on opposite sides of the planet. But once again, what an incredible example of “focus on irrelevancies, ignore the central point.” The only thing more sad is this: such fallacious argumentation could very well be picked up by the likes of Guthrie and Lumpkins, since they, along with this Muslim, show no capacity for logical reasoning and fairness.

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