Many of us have seen recent video of the devastation done by Hurricane Katrina to the city of New Orleans, the floodwaters covering the city, the damage to the SuperDome, and the people being evacuated.

Just north of New Orleans on Lake Ponchartrain is the town of Slidell, Louisiana. Slidell was hit particularly hard by the storm, with much of the town left underwater, and some reports calling it a total loss.

One of our #prosapologian channel regulars, Eddie Exposito, is co-pastor of Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Slidell, and was forced to evacuate with his family. Eddie and the members of his church will likely return to face major repair of damage, and some may experience complete loss of their home and possessions.

Alpha and Omega Ministries has taken steps to set up a Paypal fund to help provide for the needs of Eddie and his congregation as they return home and face the task of repair and rebuilding. Please pray for the members of Sovereign Grace Fellowship, and consider making a donation to meet their needs at this time.

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