I had known about this for a while, but was waiting for the posting of this information. When you are telling the gullible, excitable Christians one thing on Sunday morning from behind the pulpit, and yet you tell the Turkish reporter (who can tell whether you speak Turkish or Arabic and check out your claims to have been raised in his own country) something completely different, this means you know you are making up stories. Whenever we catch a man living two lives, with two families, in two locations, you will find the same kind of “say X to this person, Y to that person” pattern of deception. The AP story from 2002 and this story from mid-2003 are contemporaneous with the post-9/11 push to turn Ergun into a converted jihadi from Turkey. (Note: saying “I lived in Ankara and on the border with Iraq and came here in 1979 and learned English from the Dukes of Hazzard on Turkish television” is not the same as “my father’s family is mainly located in Ankara but I’ve never lived there but instead moved here in 1969 as a little kid and learned English in Ohio elementary schools.”)

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