Steve Hays has commented on the exchange with the folks at the oxymoronic website here.
   Johnson has attempted a response here, but, has only demonstrated that he has no answers, because he keeps shifting the ground, as I will demonstrate when time allows. Owen has likewise replied. Given his position he can do nothing more than keep proving my points for me, but as long as it remains useful as a warning to others, I will respond and keep pointing them out.
   BTW, I call “Reformed Catholicism” the oxymoronic website not because historic Reformed folks did not claim consistency with the early church (they did); nor is it because the term “Catholic” cannot be used in a more general sense (it can). I call this website the oxymoronic website because it is so painfully obvious that for them, they neither hold to the heart of Reformed soteriology (their mockery of the solas is just one example) nor do they hold to the heart of [Roman] Catholic authority claims but they are always willing to give the benefit of the doubt to anything Roman but never to anything conservatively Reformed. Hence the oxymoronic nature of the name of the website, and the movement, in its modern form.
   TQuid (James Swan) has an excellent and very useful blog entry here. It is so sad to see a young man falling for the circular arguments of Rome, as noted by James in this entry. I confess, however, a good bit of amazement that anyone can find de Sales overly compelling. He had the nuanced abilities of a jack-hammer or a baseball bat, and as David King notes, his arguments require the acceptance of their conclusions right from the start. TQuid is right to note, “There are more factors going on than simply a historical and scriptural search to determine ‘truth’. I’m sure if I were to sit and talk face to face with this man for an hour, ‘heart’ factors would emerge.” Exactly.
   Finally, I was pointed to this loving blast from a student at Gordon Conwell. I had no idea I had managed to hi-jack the entire Reformed movement! Man those Reformed Baptists are nasty, and sneaky, too!

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