The Internet is such a huge “place.” It takes forever to clean up evidences of your past—if you are trying to do that, anyway. I was just referred to this press release on Ergun Caner’s own website (better click fast, it will be gone before long!). Note this further example of the mysterious “misstatement” that Ergun Caner seemed to me making over and over and over again for years on end:

The shaven-headed, goateed Mr. Caner, whose family emigrated from Turkey to Toledo, Ohio, when he was a teenager, converted to Christianity in 1982 after a persistent teenage friend kept taking him to the Stelser Road Baptist Church.

Emigrated from Turkey? As a teenager? I wonder where they got that information?
Let’s start a countdown and see how long it takes for this press release to go the way of so many of Ergun Caner’s sermons and videos that are, inexorably, disappearing from the net?

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