I really dislike dishonest men, so when I was directed to the accusation, posted by a critic who has a long track record of incredible prejudice and bigotry, accusing us of “withholding” videos from debates, I was properly incensed. Why do these people insist upon personal attack before doing the first bit of research? Of course, this isn’t a “Muslim” thing: the supporters of Ergun Caner have behaved in the exact same way and most of them attend Southern Baptist Churches.

1) We had no control over the recording of the debates in London in 2008.

2) We asked and asked and asked to get the videos. We did so for over a year.

3) We eventually had to raise $2000 to “ransom” the video tapes from the videographer.

4) Once we got them they came in the reverse order we wanted them; that is, we wanted the Shabir Ally debates first, but the other debates came first.

5) The tapes are a MESS. Very poorly recorded, in a different format than our equipment uses requiring difficult conversion, etc.

6) One of the two camera angles for the Ally debates is almost utterly unusable. Part of the delay once we got the tapes has been the huge amount of time it takes to try to salvage anything from the other camera angle and then to splice that into the “good” footage while matching the less-than-sterling audio track.

7) A volunteer was working on the Ally debates but has not completed the project as yet.

8) We are a small organization with limited funding, and I’ve been really active in doing debates, creating a large back log of projects. For example, everyone who *had* been working on those videos was in Florida to record the debate with Robert Price. When you have a two-man organization and a hand-full of volunteers, lengthy projects can take time.

I have been asking about these videos for a long time. I want them out, I want them available (portions have been available on YouTube for quite some time). They were excellent debates and we are fully confident that once we finally have them in the best form we can provide (which isn’t easy to do given how they were recorded), the content will speak for itself. And once everyone can watch, or listen to, these debates, they will see how utterly silly certain critics are in their imbalance and prejudice.

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