Some may have noted the death of our website for a while yesterday, including this blog. ISP folks did something they weren’t supposed to and it took about twelve hours for them to figure out what it was. Anyway, our e-mail was interrupted during that time. I do not know if we lost any incoming mail or not. Both of the test messages I sent to myself from outside our ISP eventually got to me, but there may have been some failures. Hence, if you sent e-mail Saturday morning and are expecting a reply and don’t get one, that may be the reason. Or, it might just be that once again I have proven the fact that sitting for hours and hours and hours in an air-tight metal canister with folks who like to travel while sick will result in…your getting sick as well. And while the coughing is still painful, it is better to cough and be sick at home than abroad, that is for certain.

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