For those waiting, interminably it seems, on Drawn by the Father, we have been promised it will arrive this week. Thanks for your patience.

Also…skip the DVD stuff as yet. All this silly -r +r stuff is driving us nuts. More work to do before we get that perfected (if it is perfectible). If you got a DVD and your player can’t play it, we will send you a video to replace it. Every DVD we send out plays on ours, but, sadly, that doesn’t mean a lot.

Oh, hey, for those of you who, like me, love tweaking the look of your systems (I use WindowBlinds on my XP desktop, and SilverScreen on my Tungsten T3), I found a real nice looking skin today for WindowBlinds…called “Smyrna.” It not only looks nice, its biblical. 🙂

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