I get a weekly e-mail from John Shelby Spong (no, it isn’t personal: it’s mass produced). The things people write to him are often utterly amazing to me. But today’s was most notable. Grimes G. Slaughter (that’s what it said, honestly) wrote:

I have just been fired as a Jr. High Sunday School teacher at the First Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge, TN, because I would not represent the Bible as perfect and infallible to the children. I have lots of proof to the contrary: I have many versions of the Bible on my hard drive and can search any of them for any word or phrase in a fraction of a second. It is possible that I have found ugly and evil content of which you are unaware. I would be pleased to send you a list of what I have found. Apparently “The Sins of the Scripture: Exposing the Bible’s Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love’ is exactly what I need. I intend to procure a copy soon.

   Oh no! Grimes has a computer Bible program! Who would have thought of that? Why didn’t we believers come up with a computer Bible program? How will we defend ourselves against this new onslaught? The faith is doomed!
   OK, well, laughter is good for the soul. Anyway, congratulations to the First Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, for kicking an unbeliever out of a teaching position. Good to see such an appropriate action! Now the real question is, did they likewise kick this unbeliever out of the congregation? I would surely hope so! But, sadly, the idea of church discipline is pretty…out of date, shall we say?

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