A twenty one year old LDS missionary from Bountiful, Utah, was shot and killed, and his companion wounded, by an as yet unidentified assailant Monday evening. Here’s the Salt Lake Tribune story. The article seems to suggest that the missionaries had witnessed a shooting and were themselves shot as a result. In any case, it’s such a shame to hear about something like this. I hope many of our readers take the time to share with the LDS missionaries when they have the opportunity. I will never forget meeting with a young RM (returned missionary) years ago at someone’s home. After over two hours of discussion of the gospel, he made a terribly sad statement: “This is the first time anyone has explained to me the differences between what you believe (i.e., non-Mormon evangelicals) and what we believe.” Sadly, he had served his two year mission right here in the United States. I had no reason to doubt his sincerity. I had defined grace for him in a way he had never heard–which just shouldn’t be, but often is. Never assume these young men have heard the truth: in fact, coming from Bountiful Utah, the chances are very, very high the young man shot in Virginia had never heard a compelling, biblical presentation of the truth of the gospel of Christ. May the Lord give us all a heart of compassion for those who have been led astray from the simplicity of the gospel, and may the Lord use even this tragedy to glorify Himself, honor His gospel, and draw His elect unto Himself. May He draw near to this family and graciously bring them to a knowledge of Himself.

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