I have suggested some items for your holiday season in various posts over the past few weeks, but I thought I’d concentrate them in one spot. First, I am tremendously pleased at the response to our beginning to carry new books in our bookstore. I really think these books will be of tremendous benefit to anyone who obtains them. Four in particular have been added of late:
Bill Webster’s fine work, Behold Your King: Prophetic Proofs that Jesus is the Messiah. The study of biblical prophecies that focus the attention upon Jesus Christ is a true blessing. I sure found it encouraging and edifying. Bill has put a lot of time and effort into providing a huge number of resources relevant to the Jewish interpretation of the key texts as well. It may be "trite" to say "a great gift idea," but everything we are adding to the bookstore would, in fact, be a great gift idea for elders and teachers and evangelists and apologists. Get it here.
   We actually ran out of this title for a few days, so good has been the response! But we have it in stock now. I passed this around at the conference in St. Louis and a number of folks commented, "Man, I have always wanted a book like this, but didn’t think anyone had written one!" This isn’t a stocking stuffer (899 pages!), but it sure will be appreciated by whoever you give it to (including yourself!). Get yours here.
   Of course, my own work, Is the Mormon My Brother? is back in print. This work focuses upon the key issues at stake in answering that question, and once again flies in the face of our post-modern age in answering the question clearly and directly. Get yours here.
   Of course, don’t forget "the apologists’ best friend," the NA27/NET diglot edition, available both in black leather as well as tan hardback.


This is what I carried through all six debates in London and Durham. In fact, here is a picture from the radio studio on the Unbelievable Radio program. You can see the diglot open in front of me. A true treasure trove of information in a single gorgeous volume. This one comes with my highest recommendation for “most useful information packed into a small space.”
   If you have been listening to the pre-show on the DL recently (yes, those who log in early can hear the “pre-show,” which is normally just music, but at times is a bit more interesting), you have heard the tremendous talent of Clyde Bauman, my friend from up in the frozen tundra, a great brother in the Lord. The great Mylo Hatzenbuhler (Clyde’s alter-ego!) has produced a Christmas album, "A Very Mylo Christmas." The comic genius displayed in "Winter in Nordakota" (to the tune of Ricky Martin’s Livin La Vida Loca) is worth the purchase price! Of course, "Checkout Gals" will have you rolling on the floor, too. You will truly enjoy this one, and it will obtain an honored place in your Christmas music library! Visit Mylo’s website here. Once you are addicted to his music, you can get his fan gear here, from the same kind lady who provides A&O gear as well! You gotta stop by Carla’s place since who else would get me to pose for a picture like this? (Yes, I do, in fact, ride a motorcycle, and have, for…let me do the calculations here…27 years now—but that bike finally gave up the ghost about six months ago, so I’m on another cruiser now). Carla has designed all sorts of things that folks who like the DL will find enjoyable!
   Now, this is hardly a holiday-oriented item, but I wanted to make mention of the fact that we have expanded the mp4 listings in our bookstore by adding my debate with Dee Bradshaw on the oxymoron of "homosexual marriage." It is now available in mp4 format for your iPod or computer (digital video), as well as in mp3 for audio alone. Don’t forget the mp3 of the debate with John Shelby Spong on homosexuality, as well as the debate with Barry Lynn.

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