I am so glad Rich Pierce knows how to do… every- thing. He’s Tim Taylor without quite the same frequency of 1) disaster, and 2) trips to the emergency room (though I did have to take him once). Here Rich (crouching down), Larry, and Casey frame in a new door they just created in a wall in the new offices. If you look past them through the far door (which was cut in a few weeks ago), that’s my office. I’m standing in what will be the print shop/order area; the door they are making will lead into a hallway; to the left will be a storage room (I intend to put Warren Smith’s name on the door, no matter what we put in the room, just to make him feel loved) and to the right will be the “studio” for doing The Dividing Line. Behind me is another room the same size as the one in the picture. Didn’t have nearly as many folks on hand today as we had hoped, but much was accomplished anyway. The process begins…and a long process it will be!

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