So we need to put together our first A&O Road Trip. If you haven’t caught the details on the Dividing Line, I am going to head back out into the big, wild world, but this time I won’t be racking up miles toward Executive Platinum status on American Airlines. Instead, I will be literally “on the road again” driving the new A&O travel rig, a just under 30 ft. 5th wheeler that will be my home away from home. It’s a great rig and I’m really excited about getting on the road. We will do the DL from it as well (one advantage over flying). The idea is to plan out how far I want to go each day, put out the word that I can be in town X on such and such a day (most often a weeknight, obviously), and see if anyone wants to put together a presentation, study, Q&A, etc. That way I can get into a lot of smaller churches that I would never be able to get to otherwise.

So, for example, I now have two places I need to be in early August, one in Denver, the other, Moscow Idaho, one week apart. So I will put out some dates here soon and see if we can’t fill the evenings with fellowship and teaching.

I will be headed to G3 the same way, either along the I-40 or I-10 corridors, depending, in late September, early October. And then headed for St. Charles, once again, in early December.

So, if you would like to say “Yes, let’s do something even if it is a Tuesday night,” you can drop Rich a note letting him know of your interest as we try to plan these trips out. We have set up a new email address for you to use to express an interest: Drop us a line! Please be sure to include the name and address of the church as we will be putting that information into our mapping program.

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