This was just reported by the News and Advance out of Lynchburg:

Liberty University announced today that Ergun Caner will no longer be dean of the university’s Baptist Theological Seminary.
After an investigation conducted by four members of Liberty’s Board of Trustees, the university said it found that Caner has made “factual statements that are self-contradictory” concerning “dates, names and places of residence.” The statements included his description of being raised as a Muslim in Turkey, when documents indicate he moved to the United States at the age of 4.
His contract as dean of the seminary expires on June 30 and will not be renewed, according to a statement from LU.
Caner will continue to serve on the seminary’s faculty, as a professor.

I have not found any official statements on the Liberty website (as that is a local Lynchburg paper, they may have received the announcement early) but the same statement is found here where it has the headline:


Guilty of self-contradiction? Yes. But I am truly hoping, in light of the fact that Liberty is allowing him to continue on as a professor and teacher, that the reality of his actual life story will soon be forthcoming. We likewise await a statement of confession and repentance from Dr. Caner in light of his continued protestations of innocence. Stay tuned!

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