Well, another Lord’s Day passed, always hope God’s people were edified by my meager efforts. I’m sitting here listening to Stuart Neill sing Hymns of The Church Triumphant from Ligonier Ministries. A Christmas gift from the Jancas (thanks!). Nice to know someone else sings the same hymns we sing at PRBC. Wonderful arrangements! Just gorgeous.

I’ve been thinking of an “end of the year review.” But how do you summarize a year like this? Sorta reminded of the 30-second movie summaries performed by bunnies at angryalien.com (they are very funny). The Passion, rCist melt-down, Seifrid Saga at Southern…all rate up there toward the top of the list for 2004. I’ll have to think some about that as my son and I take dominion over the earth again tomorrow morning.

The frailty of life and the power of creation has been demonstrated yet once again today in Asia. How awesome is the power of God’s creation, and how quickly all our possessions, and our lives, can be taken away. I am reminded by such things of how fleeting is life, and how eternally worthless are all the things we surround ourselves with. Yet, if we see them as tools, means of God’s blessing, and means by which we can accomplish eternal things, we can be thankful for them. It is all a matter of priorities.

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