Sometimes I wonder at the level of theological dialogue and discourse today, especially when I have those precious few moments to rummage through the words of the giants of the past. One of those men was John Owen. I have been greatly blessed by his writings, and greatly challenged as well. He calls us to think far beyond the level that passes for “normal” in our day.

Logos is close to closing its pre-publication sale on the entire set of Owen’s works. You can get the details here. If you have the Libronix library system, this is one set that is worth three modern sets of theological writings in worth, simply because Owen does not struggle with the mind-numbing, heaven-minimizing, earth-chaining burden of humanism that has so infected us today. He can speak of God’s truth as a whole, God’s purposes as true, and hence, he speaks with power and authority. I highly recommend his works, and as many of you are indeed building a library in Libronix format, this is a set to consider getting while it is still on sale.

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