I have resisted all attempts at making my blog a commercial enterprise. But when I find folks who consistently do a professional job, with quick, friendly service, at an outstanding price, I can’t help but tell folks about them. And I have, twice before, on this blog, mentioned Renaissance Art. I was looking for a cover for one of my biblical texts when I was in California back in May of 2006 prior to my debate with Shabir Ally. I happened to stumble across Renaissance Art. I ordered a cover…and then another, and another, and another. Today another arrived, this time for the portable sized Arabic Qur’an I’ve been using (lower left in this picture). Each of the covers in this picture came from Renaissance Art. Not only are they of the absolute highest quality leather, but as long as you give them exact measurements, the resultant product will fit like a glove. I have even given their products as gifts, always to the delight of the recipient. Others have taken my advice and ordered Bible covers, especially, and all, without exception, have been delighted with the results.
   Now I know the readers of this blog like Bibles, Greek texts, Hebrew texts, etc., and hence have need of book covers. You may have some hardback books you would like to “soften” with a great leather cover, but do not want to pay the outrageous prices charged for re-binding a book. Here is your solution. No, I am not a paid representative, nor do I get anything from doing this other than the satisfaction of pointing folks to a tremendous company doing a great job. Check them out! They get an A+++ from me!

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