I have updated the Ministry Resource List with a few items.

The first is Tim Staples’ series on heaven, hell and purgatory. I have been communicating with Mr. Staples, and though he says he would “love” to debate, for reasons he cannot elucidate, he just can’t. However, I pressed him on joining me on the DL for a discussion of purgatory, and in particular, 1 Corinthians 3. He has asked for the link to the program where I addressed his comments (June 11th DL, 34 minutes in), and I have sent it to him. So though the subject would be focused, I would like to hear his most recent presentation on the topic.

Second is a new book, Muhammad is Not the Father of Any of Your Men by David S. Powers. Part of the documentation of this book relates to the theory that there was a general editing of the Qur’an after the time of Uthman, say, around 705 or so. I am looking forward to seeing this in print!

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