Stats, stats, stats…Let’s see, 3284 e-mails hit my main e-mail address in the past month. 793 were “real,” 2491 were spam. That averages 83 spam e-mails a day, seven days a week. Thankfully, my anti-spam service nailed all of them. Also averaged 26.4 “real” e-mails per day. Since I was on the road most of the month, I only wrote 249 e-mails, barely an average of 8.3 a day (the preceding month I had written 338 for an average of 11.3/day). I think the stats program we use in our chat channel has gotten to me. This is very sad. In fact, it is about 89% sad. Heeeeelp!

I remember sitting in an honors class in High School the day after the election in 1980. It was an early morning class (met at 7:20AM…do they even allow kids to go to school that early anymore?), and one of my chief rivals in the race for class valedictorian, an atheist, was lamenting the victory of one Ronald Reagan. Then, the next Spring, I was in guitar class in the afternoon when the Mr. Munoz came on the loudspeaker to announce President Reagan had been shot. I remember thinking it was all over since at that time he said it had been with “a shotgun,” which is generally not a good thing. I graduated from high school and college, got married, and had my first child, during the Reagan presidency. The presidency hasn’t fared real well since then.

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