Just a few quick notes, as the day after long trips that end very, very long weeks of ministry including debates are normally spent catching up on life. Yes, tomorrow I will go over the Price debate in more detail. Here’s a picture of us at the “book signing table” after the debate. Note that he is wearing the tie I gave him during my closing statement (a rather striking tie, I must admit, with the text of 1 Cor 15:3-11 from Codex Sinaiticus on the front in a nice blue/white reversed form). He had pulled his tie off and put mine on, as did Hank Hanegraaff. I think I’m about to sign a copy of The God Who Justifies judging by the size of the book. Once again, I think Dr. Price was amazed at how kindly he was treated by all, and most especially by the fact that I debated his views, not someone else’s. He has often debated where folks had not read his books, listened to his presentations (believe me, I know that feeling), so I think he took it as a sign of respect that I invested so much time and energy in my own preparations. That made the evening go quite well.

I saw another article on the Caner situation, one that was rather balanced and fair. I likewise hear that some of the flat-earthers/9-11 Truthers/Ergun Caner hasn’t lied about his past folks (all seem to live in the same make-believe world) are trying to make it sound like the ONLY criticism of Caner is the claim (made by Muslims primarily) that Caner was never a Muslim of any sort. The depths to which some will go is truly amazing. In any case, I listened to a talk by Emir Caner at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I may play some clips of that. He made some basic errors regarding Islam that trouble me, and if we have time, I may get to those as well.

Finally, we still need your help to cover all the costs of the summer debates (two in Dearborn, and the late August one with Christopher Hitchens). I have placed a few more items on the Ministry Resource List as well (specifically, the Teaching Company version of a class by Bart Ehrman I want to respond to on YouTube). Few things are more encouraging than to see those items on the MRL disappear, I assure you.

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