This morning someone pointed out to me that the Liberty website’s bio is now the same as the one on Ergun Caner’s personal website, and hence all references to debating have vanished. That would be good—if it were accompanied by full disclosure of and honesty. Until that “rebuffing” is made public, and we see that it does, in fact, address all the questions that have been raised, explaining how the wrong date for Ergun Caner’s coming to America had been posted for so long, etc., it is nothing but whitewashing.

Steve Hays took note of this loving blast from one Anthony Sacramone over on the First Things blog:

If Calvinism, especially in its supralapsarian form—which argues that God foreordained the eternal fates of humans not yet created in a world not yet created, never mind fallen—is true, then most of us are lost, and not just because, in the words of Dirty Harry, we don’t feel particularly lucky, but because we are asked to love a monster. A deity who out Hitler’s Hitler in a blood-thirsty self-preening is too repellant to contemplate, never mind adore. Especially one whose obsession with his own glory reduces every person to nothing more than an adornment. If this is true, let’s please stop talking about the sanctity of human life. In this horrific scheme, there is nothing more expendable than a human being. “I need more glory—throw another baby on the barby!” (Whether non-elect infants go to hell has been a long-fought controversy within the Reformed world, admittedly, but there’s nothing it its confessions or theology that seriously argues against it.)

Well there you go…if you can’t defeat a position, just caricature it! It’s the way to do theology today, you know. Works real well.

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