Settled in at my hotel in Detroit (found a Target, found Subway, have skim milk and Kashi cereal, as well as a good Internet connection—life is good). I think doing four live “Jesus or Muhammad” programs on ABN will be sufficient for the week (as well as speaking at the God and Culture Conference this weekend), so I don’t intend to attempt to do any DLs while here. Instead, here is the schedule for the live programs, which you can see either on satellite, or live on line at

Tues 8:30p-10p
Wed 8p-10p
Thurs 8:30p-10:30p
Fri 8:30p-10:30p

Pray for the recorded programs too, where we will be addressing a wider variety of issues. Those programs will be played at various times on ABN, and will have a wide impact as a result. Pray for clarity of thought and expression, and that the Spirit would bless our efforts this week to the edification of His people and the salvation of the lost.

This is an interesting story out of Saudi Arabia. I get the feeling that the last cited cleric would not be a lot of fun to debate.

Finally, if Barry Lynn had not proven to you that the “United Church of Christ” has gone far, far beyond the label “apostate” to the reality of active opposition to all that is true, godly, and faithful, this article should finish the job. I do pray God will vindicate His truth and close the mouth of false teachers, and in a way, He is doing so. The “mainline denominations” are vanishing before our eyes. Even the secularists can recognize a fake when they see one. But there is one “Reverend” I would dearly love to debate. The cross-examination period would be most…educational.

Ah, one last “thank you” to all who not only helped with Ministry Resource List items, but who have given toward my travel costs as well. I couldn’t take advantage of these wonderful opportunities of ministry without your help and partnership.

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