First, please pray for the debate this evening on Long Island. I have found a setting on the little streaming PC that should make the audio much clearer and louder for those who will wish to listen live on the regular DL link. I should have it fired up and running by 7pm EDT (unless I have to run solely on batteries, at which time I will hold off till closer to 7:30pm).

Next, our good friend Clyde Bauman, the genius behind Mylo Hatzenbuhler, has produced a wonderful new album that I’ve been enjoying for a couple of weeks now, Prairie Memories. I hope to have Clyde on the DL in the near future to talk about it. You can check out his album, and hear clips, here. Be careful though, I’ve been humming “Lord of the Rolling Hills” ever since I first heard it!

Finally, Carla Rolfe has updated the AOMin gear store, and you can find her great designs here. I especially like the Theology Matters design. That’s a conversation starter! I think her next design might be, “Don’t Be Quotin’ No Pseudo Augustine to Me!” or maybe, “Thomas, Thomas, Check Your Sources Thomas!”

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