Just a couple of quick notes. We will be continuing our review of the 1993 sola scriptura debate on the Dividing Line tomorrow. I have to chuckle when I see people commenting on the video, “Hey, let it go! It was 15 years ago!” The double standards are amazing. Madrid is free to make claims about the debate that simply do not correspond to the reality, but if I dare point it out and review the material, I am the one who is doing something wrong. Truly amazing. Besides, have the real issues of biblical authority versus papal supremacy changed in the 0.7% of church history that has passed since our debate? I think not.
   I would like to thank Todd Lindstrom for permission to use his wonderful music in the new introduction and outro for my videos on YouTube. We have Todd’s albums available in our bookstore, and you can visit his website here.
   Next, I’m headed off to Santa Fe, New Mexico this weekend. Here are the details. I will be speaking on the reliability of the New Testament, the Marian dogmas, and Islam’s denial of Christian truth. I hope to see my friends from the New Mexico area there!
   Finally, we got a call from Joel Hemphill at our offices last week. He wanted to talk to me about this article. I wasn’t in, so Rich took the call. Mr. Hemphill wanted to complain about the article, so Rich asked him what was inaccurate about what it said. So then he said he wanted to discuss the Trinity. He did object to the final line about wolves who sing, so Rich asked him if he felt it was moral to sing for money in Trinitarian churches. So he said he wanted to talk about the Trinity again. Evidently, going from being Oneness to being Arian causes a great deal of confusion. I wish I had been here to talk with him, but should he see this, I would like to remind him that I take phone calls, live and toll free, for two hours a week during The Dividing Line at 877-753-3341, so he would be welcome to call in and express his viewpoint during the program! I’m sure our listening audience would find that most interesting indeed.

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